• Metro station competition proposal. The Concept of the project is to organize and unite the urban space. Two space structures, mark the access to the Metro Station on both sides of the road running, over the subway. The prolonged oval, flowing structures of the Metro accsesses, have a striking impression. An impression to be remembered, which mark the new aquisition to the district. The space surrounding the Metro Station gives good possibilities for organizing the massive public flow of people to the Metro transport. The interior design is a replica to the exterior design with the oval openings in the metal panels, with changing colors of the lighting, according to the mood, calendar and celebration on top.

    The idea is to have an impact of the events on top in the underground station, organizing exhibitions is also recommandable, to have a changing interior background.

  • The Ball project. minimal city.

  • The opening of the first restaurant of the chain A`tuin and an exhibition with the projects from the competition. The establishment is implemented according to the project of the winner from the competition Maxim Balkansky.

  • Exploring the nomad as an architectural methodology. Designing and build a component system for a flexible, interactive, fun and beautiful structure. Small Interventions workshop.

  • During our survey we will interact with other participants, tutors and workshops contributing to the research and the EASA spirit.

    EASA is a spontaneously emerging, constantly moving event. It finds shelter in abandoned during the summer places. Moreover it is a self-sufficient structure distinguishing by spirit and content from the surroundings it takes place.

    Comparing EASA with a Ghetto we get an approximate model which can be easily examined in the event’s time limits. The methods of researching this model are both theoretical and practical, including different simulations, experiments etc. A practical installation considering our theoretical conclusions will be designed and constructed on site. A ghetto is not always a place for people with lower social status or educational level but just a extreme manifestation of difference.

  • The Totem  receives  information from the environment . Reflecting the environment and everything  that happen around. Link for communicative and fair surface exchanging and spreading the info . Device  that collects and converts solar energy supplies the totem with power for the box and  the control center. An element which is strong resistant recyclable allow different design and constructive solution.